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Our cloud based software ensures that we can always have the information we need at our finger tips to make sure owners receive excellent service in a timely manner. All while keeping your information secure with 256 bit encryption and strict security protocols.



Using our portal the Board of Directors will have 24/7 access to financial statements, invoices in for processing, and invoices that have been paid. Board members will also have access to arrears statements, investment reports and so much more, ensuring full transparency and giving the Board peice of mind.


Owners can use our app to send in maintenance requests and communicate directly with their management team and the system keeps all updates neatly organized in that task to be reviewed later or added to one of our reports for the Board. Your manager can send a vendor a work order directly from the task and the system will notify the owner. In the vendors portal, they can view the status of the invoice for their completed work.


Using the owners center in their portal residents can view and download documents, check their arrears, make payments, start a community page, see the status of their maintenance request or other communications with the property manager.


Board members get the same owners portal, with some extra features, they can view financial statements in realtime, download reports, see what tasks the property manager completed that day for their Corporation. Compare the financial statements with years budget.