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Thank you for visiting our website; we appreciate the opportunity to showcase our unique concept in condominium management and trust your time in getting to know us will assure you that you have indeed, found the best match for your needs.

Maverick was founded on the principle that condominium management, as a highly specialized, truly unique field should only be undertaken by those with the knowledge, experience, professionalism and dedication to handle the vast array of daily demands which result from the combination of people, buildings, equipment, regulations, investments and the unforeseen circumstances that comprise the unique field of condominium management, on a daily basis. The minute-to-minute demands of your property should only be trusted to a dedicated Property Manager - this and more, is precisely what you receive with Maverick.

The Property Managers of Maverick Management have many years experience in the property management industry. As Accredited Condominium Managers, we specialize only in the management of condominiums and founded Maverick Management based on a bold new concept for this industry: we've listened to Boards and Owners and know that time and attention are key factors in providing the services you need. As communication is instrumental in looking after your homes – we provide our Board members with personal point of contact at all times. The relationship between management and our Boards goes beyond their expectations – your home becomes our own – it is very personal.

Our bold new concept provides that only the Company Principals are administering your portfolio in addition to experienced staff who are always kept current in their knowledge of the up-to-date status of your property. We use the very latest technology to maintain and access your records, allowing everyone involved to instantly retrieve the information needed to answer questions, monitor events and track progress.

In addition, we are proud to note that we only maintain a very limited number of properties in order to ensure that we have the time to provide the attention required for our portfolios.

With the Owner attending your meetings, inspecting your property and having instant access to all your files, you are guaranteed that someone with the knowledge of your property and the authority to act will always be available. And you never need to be concerned about the inconsistencies of staff turn-over - you always have the same Manager involved.

We are committed to developing long-term relationships with a few select properties, based on proven trust in our abilities and dedication. We do not actively seek new clients, we do not take on new clients whenever the opportunity presents itself; our mandate is to not grow beyond what we can manage well - this is how we maintain our "bold, new approach".

To us, each property is individual and unique - each with different strengths and weakness, needs and growing, changing characteristics. Properties evolve - new Board members are elected, legislation changes, equipment ages, people move in and out... We are the consistent presence that can draw on your history and protect your future.